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About bali y'all

Wear something that sustains a culture and is eco-friendly

What We Do

 Each item is the result of the love and hard work of many 

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Artisans creating bali y'all bracelets by a traditional carving process.

We create bracelets & anklets so that you can tell your story, and each one sold makes it possible for the skilled artisans of Bali to tell theirs. 


It took a village

Your bali y'all bracelet or anklet has created sustainable work for more than 150 village artisans whose art form is being preserved, as is their way of life.

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Why it matters

 These Balinese villages have seen a significant increase in income 

This helps them to better provide for their families rather than leaving the village to find work in other areas. Continuing their cultural tradition of working amongst family and friends in their village, today they earn a livelihood with dignity, autonomy and pride.

Become a Retailer

 Want to share our line in your store? 

 We'd love to partner with you! 

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